• "Plimpton has done it again"

    Sports Illustrated
  • "[An] irreverent and roguish account of the lives of the two linesmen... Pure gold"

    Chicago Tribune
  • "With his gentle, ironic tone, and unwillingness to take himself too seriously, along with Roger Angell, John Updike and Norman Mailer he made writing about sports something that mattered"

  • "What drives these books, and has made them so popular, is Plimpton’s continuous bond-making with the reader and the comedy inherent in his predicament. He is the Everyman, earnests and frail, wandering in a world of supermen, beset by fears of catastrophic violence and public humiliation, yet gamely facing it all in order to survive and tell the tale… A prodigious linguistic ability is on display throughout, with a defining image often appended at the end of a sentence like a surprise dessert."

    Timothy O'Grady, Times Literary Supplement