• ". . . wise, breezy, supersmart memoir . . . Marr’s defiantly unghostwritten book is pleasant and direct . . ."

  • "An unpretentious, clearly written memoir recounting his journey from a working-class upbringing on the outskirts of Manchester to his status as a musical polymath"

    The Times
  • "Set the Boy Free – a telling title again – is much more than an obituary for a brilliant band. It’s also a love letter to the women in Marr’s life … and a guide on how to keep changing and moving on with your creative life."

    The Observer
  • "It is a pleasure …. to read a memoir by a five-star guitar hero that … present[s] a particular life in rock as one of pure, disarming joy and open possibility"

    New Statesman
  • "The perfect book for aspiring musicians"

    Evening Standard
  • "Excellent"

    The Sun
  • "Set the Boy Free is a trip down memory lane featuring the all-star cast that Marr has rubbed shoulders with … and it will likely serve as a guidebook to anyone who's ever dreamed about picking up the guitar and trying their hand at making music for a living because, at its heart, Set the Boy Free is written by a music fan for music fans."

  • "His sweetly and deceptively simple account of his lively youth and The Smith’s early, joyous years … will touch many"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Grounded and positive"

  • "His writing is compassionate, courageous and concerned"