• "[<b>An</b>]<b> equally page-turning second collection</b><i>… </i>McMillan is 30, but writes with the melancholy understatement for an older writer… McMillan’s pared-back style puts great weight on each word, often with <b>magnetic </b>results… McMillan wears his influences on his sleeve – Thom Gunn, Sharon Olds’s explicit <i>Odes</i>, a flicker of <i>Book of Matches</i>-era Simon Armitage – yet brings them together in a voice that is confident, captivating and distinctly his own… <b>Any fans of <i>physical</i> worrying how McMillan could top one of the most widely praised debuts of recent years should breathe a sigh of relief: <i>playtime</i> may be a quieter collection, but it’s a deeper, richer one too.</b>"

    Telegraph **Poetry Book of the Month**

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