• "He's a marvellous writer... He's very, very good"

    William Trevor
  • "A story of the traumas of sex and class. My favourite moment is the one where Magwitch makes his stumbling way up the shadowy staircase towards an unnerved but unsuspecting Pip: the halting but inexorable rise of the repressed 'from the darkness beneath'"

    Sarah Waters
  • "The defects in [Great Expectations] are as nearly imperceptible as spots on the sun or shadows on a sunlit sea"

    Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • "I would always prefer to go get another Dickens off the shelf than pick up a new book by someone I've not read yet... I love the tradition of Dickens, where even the most minor walk-on characters are twitching and particular and alive"

    Donna Tartt