• "Julie Burchill has the most chronic case of Jew Madness on record. Incurable, irrational and very funny. I love this book"

    Tanya Gold
  • "A joy to behold. Burchill knows no fear. I would man the barricades with her any day…any Jew who feels anxious in these days of palpable anti-semitism ought to read this book. It’s funny, and we all need a laugh. But more importantly, it’s a timely reminder that no, my friends, you do not walk alone"

    Monica Porter, Jewish Chronicle
  • "I'm afraid I can’t really dignify her latest offering with the ascription “book”…"

    Will Self, Guardian
  • "Riotous ... currently my on-tour bedside companion"

    Bryan Ferry, Daily Mail
  • "An occasionally touching, sometimes bigoted and sporadically hilarious love letter"

    Keith Kahn-Harris, Independent