• Always fascinating… Wry, avuncular, careful and kind, Wohlleben guides us from one creature to the next

    Richard Kerridge, Guardian
  • Wohlleben presents short chapter in bite-sized portions, so the reader has a constant sense of learning something new almost with every page ... The formula is provably winning. I still felt I was on a robust learning curve as subjects as diverse as motherly love, gratitude, deception, desire, shame and knowledge of good and evil were explored one by one ... fascinating

    Katharine Norbury, Observer
  • Wohlleben is connecting with something big here… He truffles up some wonderful animal facts, too… Wohlleben’s empathy with animals can be touching and illuminating

    James McConnachie, Sunday Times
  • Entertaining and enthusiastic

    Tim Smith-Laing, Daily Telegraph
  • The Inner Life of Animals will rock your world. Surprising, humbling, and filled with delight, this book shows us that animals think, feel, and know in much the same way as we do -- and that their lives are, to them, as precious as ours are to us.

    Sy Montgomery, author of THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS

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