Ten Species that Changed our World

Alice Roberts, Alice Roberts (Read by)

Random House presents the audiobook edition of Tamed: Ten Species that Changed our World, written and read by Alice Roberts.

TEN SPECIES THAT CHANGED OUR WORLD...‘Every time you bite into an apple, or pat a dog, or break bread, you are in Alice Robert's wondrous epic tale of our place in crafting the modern world. A landmark in the story of us.’ Adam Rutherford

For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors depended on wild plants and animals for survival. They were hunter-gatherers, consummate foraging experts, taking the world as they found it. Then a revolution occurred – our ancestors’ interaction with other species changed. They began to tame them. The human population boomed; civilisation began.

In her new book, Tamed, Alice Roberts uncovers the amazing deep history of ten familiar species with incredible wild pasts: dogs, apples and wheat; cattle; potatoes and chickens; rice, maize, and horses – and, finally, humans. She not only reveals how becoming part of our world changed these animals and plants, but shows how they became our allies, essential to the survival and success of our own species – and to our future.

Enlightening, wide-ranging and endlessly fascinating, Tamed is an epic story, encompassing thousands of years of history and archaeology alongside cutting-edge genetics and anthropology. Yet it is also a deeply personal journey that will change how we see ourselves and the species on which we have left our mark.

  • Cornerstone Digital
  • Published 19th October 2017
  • £12.00