• "Really clever concept and some great characters and twists. It's a real joy to read something totally original, smart and thought provoking."

    Peter James
  • "Gripping from the start and <b>full of surprises</b>, this kept us up long after lights out"

  • "wonderful concept, <b>ridiculously entertaining</b> ... an absolute pleasure, the malevolence and impishness of a young Roald Dahl"

    author of What Alice Knew
  • "fantastic ... I can't remember the last time I was simultaneously this entertained and this disturbed. The One is a clever story with great pacing but it's the characters that make this <b>a standout thriller</b>."

    Sunday Times bestselling author of Baby Doll
  • "<b>This will have you gripped</b>"

    Woman’s Own

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