• If this doesn’t make you cry, you may be a robot rather than a human beingBut there is joy here, too, and not only in [Lippett’s] wonderful illustrations. As those who loved her first book, Stan and Nan, will know, she is so deft when it comes to the details of time, place and family life… She can also be very droll… [A Puff of Smoke] is deeply affecting – and not a little chastening, too.

    Rachel Cooke, Observer, *Graphic Novel of the Month*
  • The panels grab you in an emotional, immediate way. There’s no polish, just pure feeling… it is a credit to Lippett’s creation that you want more of it. Intimate and deeply personal, with a healthy dose of humour thrown in, A Puff Of Smoke is a moving account of a childhood marked by love, pain and confusion. Vital reading for anyone who’s had their own tumultuous path towards getting an all-important diagnosis.

    Chloe Walker, CULTUREFLY
  • A Puff Of Smoke – all scratchy lines and splashy colour – is a journey from innocence to experience, and from hospital ward to hospital ward... One more thing. It's very funny.

    Teddy Jamieson, Herald Scotland
  • A heartbreaking journey.

    It's Nice That
  • [A] movingly recounted saga

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