• "Self-contained, inscrutable, and weirdly captivating, like a salvaged object that wants to return to the sea"

    Katy Waldman, New Yorker
  • "Sea Monsters is a mesmerizing, revelatory novel, smart and funny and laced with a strangeness that is never facile but serves as a profound and poetic tool for navigating our shared world. Chloe Aridjis is the rare writer who reinvents herself in each book; she is, for my money, one of the most brilliant novelists working in English today"

    Garth Greenwell
  • "I love the way Chloe Aridjis creates her own worlds in prose, and I especially love how Sea Monsters has invented the world of adolescence and its reveries: violent and tender, logical and dreamlike – a twenty-first century essay disguised as a nineteenth-century fable"

    Adam Thirlwell
  • "Eccentrically detailed…Aridjis scrambles your brain, not with high-modernist pyrotechnics but by the stealthier means of undermining the assumption that a novel’s words exist to advance the story…You enjoy Luisa’s company without ever being quite sure why she wants us around"

    Anthony Cummins, Observer
  • "Sea Monsters is destined to be a classic: a richly imaginative, reflective and mesmerising novel"

    Xiaolu Guo