Due for release 6th September 2018

Body Politic

How feelings trumped facts and what it means for democracy

William Davies


In this age of emotional political conflict, there is less and less to agree upon. Experts are no longer respected as impartial; public debate is reduced to attack and counter-attack; the boundary between facts and propaganda seems to be dissolving. We live in a world not quite at war but nor exactly at peace.

How did things reach this point, and what can we do about it? In this enlightening, far-reaching and provocative book, William Davies takes a step back to explore the long history of the rise and fall of expertise. He shows how science and government once promised an alternative to violence, but how that promise was gradually broken. Rather than a world organised around facts, rationality and theory, we now find ourselves, once again, in world driven by physical instincts, ailments and pains.

In order to navigate this disorientating new reality we need to understand it for what it is: a politics of bodies.

  • Vintage Digital
  • Published 6th September 2018
  • 224 Pages