• "<b>The book that everybody’s talking about</b>… <b>I read it and was entranced</b>."

    The Times
  • "<b>This is the first book I couldn’t put down this year</b>… Almost offensive with its <b>close-to-the-bone</b> truths, it’s <b>shockingly relatable</b>. And <b>legitimately laugh-out-loud funny</b>. <b>Ottessa Moshfegh is sharp, savage and hilarious. </b>"

  • "<b>The superabundantly talented</b>...<b>Moshfegh’s sentences are piercing and vixenish</b>…<b> she is always a deep pleasure to read</b>."

    New York Times
  • "<b><i>My Year of Rest and Relaxation</i> is whip-smart, continuously compelling, and acerbic in all the right ways</b>."

    Daily Telegraph
  • "<b>Electrifying</b>... [Moshfegh] is adept at crafting <b>compelling </b>female characters who violate the rules of femininity... Moshfegh’s protagonist is an unlikely <b>revolutionary</b>."

    Vanity Fair
  • "<b>A relentlessly savage fable of privilege and pain</b>… While we’re laughing, we feel disgust. It’s a combination that makes for <b>diamond-hard entertainment</b>."

  • "<b>Darkly hilarious</b>... [Moshfegh’s] the kind of provocateur who makes you laugh out loud while drawing blood."

    Vogue, **Must-Read Books of 2018**
  • "[<i>My Year of Rest and Relaxation</i> is] <b>a laugh-out-loud page-turner</b>... it’s also <b>the best 9/11 novel I’ve read</b>."

    Times Literary Supplement **Books of the Year 2018**
  • "Moshfegh’s <b>blackly funny</b> new novel… [<b>hits</b>] <b>multiple marks at once</b>: as an art-school prank, a between-the-lines tale of displaced grief and a pitiless anatomy of gender injustice, it also offers… <b>a dark state-of-America fable</b>."

  • "Ottessa Moshfegh’s <b>unnerving and compelling</b> new novel, <i>My Year of Rest and Relaxation</i>… percussively hammered out in her <b>flawless, rhythmic prose</b>… concludes with a <b>startlingly, unexpectedly beautiful</b> passage… radical, urgent, and more <b>painfully wise</b> than perhaps we would like to admit."

    Times Literary Supplement