• "Offers a unique on-the-ground view of the city...a refreshing counterpoint to the macho foreign correspondent genre... Khan’s interviews during her walks powerfully evoke the fluctuating mood in a city that is trying to heal itself"

  • "These stories conjure a magic in the labyrinthine streets and reveal a fragile city in a state of flux, shape-shifting and flickering with the promise of peace"

  • "By excavating Afghanistan's forgotten past, Khan rescues its future, too. Her lyrical prose brings to life the most daring truth a writer can offer: that these tragedies were not preordained, and another Afghanistan is possible"

    Anand Gopal, author of No Good Men Among the Living
  • "A lyrical discovery... As a Muslim woman from India, Khan is able to present a unique social and historical perspective"

    Edward Girardet, Global Geneva