• "'The novel’s timeliness cannot be understated...tight but inclusive, and deserves to be placed on shelves alongside such ornate modern novels beginning in college as <i>A Little Life</i>, <i>The Secret History</i> and <i>The Marriage Plot... </i>But when all is said and done, <b>Wolitzer is an infinitely capable creator of human identities that are as real as the type on this page, and her love of her characters shines more brightly than any agenda</b>"

    New York Times Book Review
  • "<i>The Female Persuasion </i>is <b>wonderfully dense and wise, a page-turner that succeeds both at character and ideas. It felt true to life</b>"

  • "<b>Deft and funny…trenchant, clever, displaying a pitch-perfect recollection of the idealism of early adulthood and what life subsequently does to undo it</b>"

  • "<b>From the very first page of any novel by Meg Wolitzer, you feel in safe hands</b>. She is skilful and confident…she is exceptionally gifted in the neglected craft of a modern-day Edith Wharton, she has an instinctive understanding that tragedy and comedy are different sides of the same coin... <b>How could you fail to love such a writer?</b>"

    Mail on Sunday