• "Exquisite. Its characters somehow resist following their story and reverse themselves into a new one. A beautiful lasting read."

  • "Insightful, emotionally acute and absorbing"

    Daily Express Literary highlights 2018
  • "A moving tribute to friendship and love, to the courage of the ordinary, and to starting again."

  • "‘Tender, wise and moving, <i>Meet Me at the Museum</i> is a novel to cherish.’"

  • "Full of grace and humanity"

    Sunday Times
  • "A thoughtful and gentle meditation on buried passions, regrets, love, grief and loneliness . . . Youngson’s debut offers hope for change in its tender exploration of what it means to have experienced a life well-lived."

  • "The loveliest short novel of late love you'll ever read. Whenever I talk about it, I simply cry with joy"

  • "Quietly intriguing, beautifully observed, full of powerful emotions"

    RUTH HOGAN, Author of The Keeper of Lost Things
  • "I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone looking for a book that makes you think and wonder and quietly hope. Loved it."

    Tammy Cohen
  • "A quirky, wise and tender novel. Proof that the richest fruits come on the edge of autumn"

  • "Warm-hearted, clear-minded, and unexpectedly spellbinding, <i>Meet Me at the Museum </i>is a novel to savour"

    ANNIE BARROWS, co-author of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  • "A beautiful, affecting novel of late love, by an extraordinary new writer"

  • "<p>Precise, clear, funny, poignant and truthful. This is a work of art, dear readers. <br>Revel in its beauty</p>"

  • "Intriguing and compelling, <i>Meet Me at the Museum</i> invites you into the meeting place between two people, imparting wisdom, thought, and endless charm."

    JENNIFER RYAN, author of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
  • "<p>A correspondence that begins with a search for clarity becomes something much deeper and richer - both for the two main characters, and for the reader.<br>Anne Youngson peels away the layers that prevent us from living the lives we ought to be leading, and her book is both tender and absorbing.</p>"

    LISSA EVANS, author of Their Finest Hour and a Half
  • "Intriguing, tender, unexpectedly moving"

    Woman and Home
  • "<p>Full of emotion, wisdom and honesty, the story envelops the reader in a celebration of true friendship and an appreciation of the opportunities that life can unexpectedly present. This book makes you realise that life is too short and that the future can be more hopeful than we anticipate.<br>If you only read one book this year, read this. Highly recommended</p>"

    Mature Times
  • "An insightful and emotional debut … tenderly hints at second chances and rejuvenation"

    Sunday Express
  • "Full of funny, wise perceptions. The author is 70. This lovely novel is her debut. When's the next?"

    Saga Magazine
  • "Absolutely beautiful, about loss and the life choices we make"

    Daily Mail
  • "I thought the author wrote the content of the letters absolutely beautifully, making the characters jump off the page."

    The Writing Garnet
  • "I love books like this, that you can immerse yourself in and enjoy as a treat – books that just hold you in their spell."

    On The Shelf Book Blog
  • "Tina and Anders will capture your heart and you will root for them all the way. A very accomplished debut by Anne Youngson."

    Novel Deelights
  • "There is a sensitivity and warmth throughout that I found utterly charming."

    Reflections of a Reader
  • "It was beautifully crafted and once I had the book open I didn't close it until I had read the last page."

    Books And Me
  • "This book touched me to the heart – quite beautiful and exceptionally moving, and one of the very best books I’ve read this year."

    Being Anne
  • "When the book finished, I felt an immense sadness that I had to say goodbye to these two people."

    My Reading Corner
  • "I loved the setting and the characters were great, it was a pleasure to read."

    Donna's Book Blog
  • "Few books ever have that much impact on me and I feel this is something that everyone needs to experience."

    Book Lover Worm
  • "A beautiful, lyrical love story, played out with words and paper."

    My Weekly
  • "Top Holiday Reads - BEST FOR SALVING THE SOUL"

    The Herald