• "I ripped through it in no time at all ... the writing is wonderful and the storyline gripping. I can quite see why she won the competition!"

    Lesley Kara, author of THE RUMOUR
  • "One of those thrillers in which it is almost impossible not to flick ahead. For me, this was a genuine gallop to the denouement."

    Alison Flood, Observer
  • "With well-judged interweaving narratives and plenty of rich description, this is an absorbing and promising debut."

    Spectator, named best new crime novel for 2019
  • "Skilfully-plotted debut… the journey to the truth is one of high tension."

    Sunday Times Crime Club
  • "Provides a clever, unexpected solution, by way of some fine writing"

    The Times
  • "My Name Is Anna has plenty of reveals but it’s the big emotions this book evokes that make you keep reading this debut by Lizzy Barber."

    Good Housekeeping
  • "Dark, disturbing and powerful, the gripping plot is full of twists, turns and suspense. You will not want to put it down."

  • "You won’t put it down until you finish it!"

  • "Lizzy Barber’s psychological suspense debut is fast-paced, compelling and impossible to put down."

  • "Compelling, emotional and haunting in ways beyond your imagination, this story is everything I hoped it would be and more. I would be shocked if we don't see it on our television screens in the future. A must-read for 2019"

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