• "A fantastic tale of spies, deceit and murder in the Elizabethan age"

    S. D. SYKES
  • "Lawyer Christopher Radcliff is an erudite outsider with an unusual past, who turns state spy in this colourful and gripping historical novel."

  • "Swanston clearly knows the period well and Radcliff is an engaging hero"

    Antonia Senior, THE TIMES
  • "Radcliff is a wonderful character, resourceful and intelligent . . . perfectly combines history and fiction . . . I loved every page"

    Kate Atherton, FOR WINTER NIGHTS
  • "Beautifully done. All the sights, sounds and smells of Elizabethan England are there, along with an intriguing range of characters . . . Radcliff is clearly destined to appear in future books, and I think he's likely to gain some loyal fans"