• "[A] clever, subtle book… Although [Bari's] writing is critically informed… her tone is insistently personal, intimate even… Between her main chapters she drops in lyrical accounts of her own encounters with specific items of clothing… Bari wants us to think not so much about what clothes say as how they make us feel."

  • "A fascinating cultural exploration of the layers of meaning inherent in the ways we dress ourselves, from Madonna's denim jacket and the paintings of Titian to Cary Grant's tailoring. If you think choosing what to wear is essentially a trivial activity, read this and you'll soon clothe your thoughts entirely differently."

    Bookseller, Editor's Choice
  • "[There are] many delectable facts waiting to be discovered in Shahidha Bari’s DressedDressed is irresistible when Bari riffs with extraordinary breadth and depth on the cultural meanings of the items she describes… I put Dressed down having been dazzled by Bari’s learning and insights... In the end, Dressed is an argument for taking apparently frivolous things seriously... More than this, though, Bari communicates the joy and powerful sense of interconnected humanity clothes can bring.”"

    Literary Review
  • "In Dressed Shahidha Bari offers up lively, entertaining and provocative readings of clothes in our daily lives and in culture more widely... Drawing on an impressive range of materials, Bari includes novels, short stories, fairy tales, films, photography and more in her analysis... Bari tells us throughout Dressed, we should look to embrace our personal style and give dress the attention it deserves."


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