• "A mesmerising jumble of jokes, drawings and elderly gripesAll human life – and death – is here in this lucky dip of memories and fears, irritations and idle thoughts… [Time For Lights Out] has black humour galore…and, as always, Briggs’s drawings have a touch of magic about them, conjuring human beings and their foibles out of a few precious lines."

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • "[Time for Lights Out is] direct and personalon the tragi-comedy of growing old. [Briggs] looks on ageing with a beady but sympathetic eye…and mordant humour all the way throughthere are plenty of excellent jokes in this book."

    Nicholas Tucker, The Times
  • "A beloved genius of storytelling and illustration."

    Rachel Cooke, Observer, *Graphic Novel of the Month*
  • "Time For Lights Out is extraordinarily frank… The honesty is shocking. The emotional nakedness of the book is startling, too – there is no filter on his [Briggs’s] most raw, self-betraying memories."

    Justine Jordan, Guardian