• "A horror landmark, a work of gory genius marked by all of Romero's trademark wit, humanity, and merciless social observations. How lucky are we to have this final act of grand guignol from the man who made the dead walk."

    JOE HILL, author of NOS4A2
  • "A sprawling, timely, scary epic that honours the zombie tradition but also goes in new directions and takes risks that pay off."

    PAUL TREMBLAY, author of A Head Full of Ghosts
  • "Like a lost Romero classic, which will play out on the inside your skull long after you’ve finished it."

    CLIVE BARKER, author of Hellraiser
  • "If Night of the Living Dead was the first word in the dead rising field, The Living Dead is the last word. A monumental achievement."

    ADAM NEVILL, bestselling author of The Ritual

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