Flower Fairies of the Winter

Flower Fairies of the Winter

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First published in the 1920s, the 'Flower Fairy' books by Cicely Mary Barker have delighted generations of children with their exquisite illustrations and engaging poems. In 'Flower Fairies of the Winter' we meet the warm and mischievous fairies of the coldest season. Characters like the Yew Fairy and the Holly Fairy encourage us to look at nature and learn to appreciate the true beauty and wonder of the 'ordinary' world around us.

About the author

Cicely Mary Barker

Cicely Mary Barker was born in Croydon, South London in 1895 and died in 1973. She found international acclaim as an artist with her delightful Flower Fairies books the first of which, Flower Fairies of the Spring, was printed in 1923.
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