• Her greatest book ... at once whimsical and harrowing, a miniaturist's charmingly detailed fantasy sketched inside a mausoleum ... Through depths and depths and bloodwarm depths we fall, until the surface is only an eerie gleam high above, nearly forgotten; and the deeper we sink, the deeper we want to go

    Donna Tartt
  • This novel brings back all my faith in terror and death. I can say no higher of it and her

    Dorothy Parker, Esquire
  • An amazing writer

    Neil Gaiman
  • The world of Shirley Jackson is eerie and unforgettable ... She is a true master

    A. M. Homes
  • A masterpiece of Gothic suspense

    Joyce Carol Oates
  • So eerie, so disturbing, and not a wasted word, it has the kind of economy I wish I knew how to achieve

    Jonathan Coe
  • For me, it is that unique and dreamlike book ... that stands as her masterpiece

    Jonathan Lethem
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle is Jackson's masterpiece ... Stunning

    Elaine Showalter
  • Manages the ironic miracle of convincing the reader that a house inhabited by a lunatic, a poisoner, and a pyromaniac is a world more rich in sympathy, love and subtlety than the world outside

  • A witch's brew of eerie power and startling novelty

    The New York Times

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