• [Hitler] challenges some of our longstanding ideas about the man who ruled Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945 ... Highly provocative.

    Robert Gerwarth, Financial Times
  • If many Hitler books are scarcely worth reading, this one commands attention through its originality and sheer intelligence ... A thoroughly thought-provoking, stimulating biography which all historians of the Third Reich will have to take seriously.

    Richard Overy, Irish Times
  • Casts new light on the dictator ... Crisp, well-written, extensively researched ... A valuable contribution.

    Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph
  • [Simms] builds on previous scholarship to make a bold thesis - that Hitler's principal obsession was not communism but rather 'Anglo-America' and global capitalism ... A vigorous, original study that adds to the ongoing scholarship.

  • A radically new assessment of the Fuhrer's world view and the motivation for his plunging the world into a terminal struggle for survival.

    Daily Mail
  • Impressive and intriguing ... By drawing our attention to the centrality of historical emigration to Hitler's racial vision of a Great Germany, Simms adds a new dimension to our understanding of the thinking that drove history's most notorious figure. Crisply written and well-researched, there is much in this book that enlightens and stimulates.

    The Interpreter
  • Compelling and original.

    Christopher Clark, London Review of Books
  • Essential reading.

    Christopher Bray, The Tablet
  • Simms ... challeng[es] much recent scholarship ... A preoccupation with Anglo-American capitalism, he contends, drove the Third Reich's ideology in its formative years, more than the oft-cited obsession with Bolshevism ... He has made sound use of the Bavarian archives.

    The Observer
  • Hitler: Only The World Was Enough is modern political history at its very best: thorough, impeccably well researched, and opinionated without descending into histrionics. The Dublin-Cambridge historian writes with authority, flare, style and convincing conviction - consistently favouring thematic analysis over the simple retelling of facts.

    JP O'Malley, Irish Independent

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