Permanent Present Tense

Permanent Present Tense

The man with no memory, and what he taught the world


When he was twenty-seven, Henry Molaison underwent surgery for his epilepsy. He awoke with part of his brain destroyed, and for the rest of his life would be trapped in the moment, unable to remember anything for more than a few seconds. For nearly five decades, distinguished neuroscientist Suzanne Corkin studied Molaison and oversaw his care. In Permanent Present Tense she tells his extraordinary story, showing how his amnesia revolutionized our understanding of the brain, and also challenged our very notions of who we are.


  • Fascinating ... rich with implications for our understanding of the brain, our experience and what it means to be human
    Steven Pinker, author of 'How the Mind Works' and 'The Stuff of Thought'

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Suzanne Corkin

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