The 9/11 Wars

The 9/11 Wars


From the author of Al-Qaeda, Jason Burke's The 9/11 Wars is an essential book for understanding the dangerous and unstable world of the twenty-first century.

On September 11th 2001, in a series of coordinated suicide attacks, terrorists destroyed New York's World Trade Center and a substantial portion of the Pentagon. Since the Twin Towers fell, the world has seen the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the downfall of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, bombings, battles and riots. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the 'war on terror'.

Whether reporting on the riots in France or the attack on Mumbai, suicide bombers in Iraq or British troops fighting in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, Jason Burke's The 9/11 Wars, named 2011 Book of the Year by the Daily Telegraph, Economist and Independent, tells the story of a world that changed forever when the hijacked planes flew out of the brilliant blue sky above Manhattan on September 11th.

'The best overview of the 9/11 decade so far in print'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Economist

'A magisterial history of the last decade'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Pankaj Mishra, Guardian

'At a time when there are more books out on terrorism than ever before ... this is likely to be among the best'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Sunday Telegraph

'Potent ... journalism of a high order ... essential for understanding the past decade'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Sherard Cowper-Coles, Sunday Times

Jason Burke is the South Asia correspondent for the Guardian. He has reported around the world for both the Guardian and the Observer. He is the author of two other widely praised books, both published by Penguin: Al-Qaeda and On the Road to Kandahar. He lives in New Delhi.


  • The best overview of the 9/11 decade so far in print

About the author

Jason Burke

Jason Burke is a globally recognised expert on terrorism and radical Islam and has reported for two decades on these and related conflicts from the front-lines of South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe for the Guardian. He is the best-selling, prize-winning author of four critically acclaimed books, including most recently The New Threat from Islamic Militancy (Bodley Head, 2015; shortlisted for the Orwell Prize; ‘A fine overview [from] one of the shrewdest observers of contemporary Muslim activism [which] draws together the strands of a highly complex reality to create a picture that is not just convincing but readable’ NYRB) and The 9/11 Wars (Allen Lane, 2011; ‘the best overview of the 9/11 decade in print’ Economist). His first book, Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam, is credited with having changed the popular understanding of the nature of modern radical Islam. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio and contributes to periodicals such as Foreign Policy, Prospect and the New Statesman.
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