The Templar's Code

The Templar's Code


An action-packed adventure steeped in archaeological treasures, long-lost secrets and intrigue. If you like Dan Brown, Sam Bourne and Clive Cussler you'll love this.

An ancient secret worth killing for . . .

During the Middle Ages, rumours about an ancient Egyptian text spread like wildfire among alchemists. Known as the Emerald Tablet, this sacred text was said to contain the secret of creation.

Shock waves ripple across the world when an archaeologist is viciously murdered moments after he claims to have found ancient Templar symbols marking the way to a hidden treasure vault.

Caedmon Aisquith, Templar expert and hero of Stones of Fire, sets off on a hunt for the vault, only to uncover a far more intriguing puzzle - is the Templar code in fact the key to the long lost Emerald Tablet?

Caedmon's quest to decipher the symbols rapidly becomes a desperate struggle against a terrifying enemy, who will stop at nothing to use the Emerald Tablet's power for evil.

Can anyone halt their deadly mission before all hell is unleashed?

'Enthralling to the end' 5* reader review

'Full of twists and turns' 5* reader review

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Chloe M. Palov

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