Remembering Rachel

Remembering Rachel

A True Story of Betrayal and Murder


The day Rose Callaly found her daughter Rachel's battered body was only the start of her nightmares.

Shortly afterwards Rose became certain that the person who had killed her beautiful daughter was Rachel's husband, Joe O'Reilly. After what seemed like an eternity, O'Reilly was charged. But that was the start of another ordeal - the revelation of just how much he despised his wife and the unfolding of his ingenious plan to kill her, a plan that set Rose up to discover the murder scene.

Remembering Rachel is the shocking and heart-breaking story of Rachel Callaly's short life and brutal death. It is also a remarkable account of what it is like to be at the heart of a sensational and tragic murder case. And finally, it is a touching portrait of motherly love and the bond that survives death.


  • A mother's loving memoir, attempting to retrieve Rachel's memory from the disgusting, foul-mouthed email exchanges between her killer and his sister
    Irish Times

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