The Set-up

The Set-up


Framed for murder. Three days to clear his name.

New York City - present day.

Mike Byrne wants to know who framed him for murder.

The N.Y.P.D want Byrne locked up.

The U.S Secret Service want Byrne dead.

Detective Jenni Martinez just wants her gun and her badge back.

Thing is, you don't always get what you want.

Mike Byrne has three days to stop a deadly game that will bring America to its knees - and he's just been set up.

About the author

Felix Riley

After studying Mental Philosophy at Edinburgh University, Felix began his career as a writer for radio and television. A change in career took him into the City where he worked for the major US brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald. Soon after, Felix launched his own company which he later sold to MF Global in 2008, just moments before the financial system imploded.

A regular contributor and commentator on Bloomberg, Reuters, the Times and Telegraph, Felix Riley lives with his wife and two daughters in Surrey, England.
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