• The first scientifically researched biography to correct the image of the dumb blonde at the side of the mass murderer

    Der Spiegel
  • An utterly compelling portrayal of the weird hidden life of the dictator ... who, like some black star, destroyed all those he touched. Eva was only one of millions of his victims - but a willing one

    Sunday Telegraph
  • Easily the best biography of Eva Braun so far written

    Daily Beast
  • Fascinating ... overturns the established view of her as an apolitical bystander

    Nicholas Shakespeare, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year
  • Braun emerges as bright but vapid, energetic but soulless. As thorough and clear a look of a monster's lover as we are likely to get

  • Having painstakingly reviewed the archives for references to Eva Braun's relationship with Hitler, Görtemaker presents a portrait of an engaged and engaging young woman, fervently supportive of National Socialism and one of the few members of Hitler's inner circle to never lose his trust or fall out of affection

    Publishers Weekly