• Vastly informative and indispensable

    Bill Bryson
  • The great Sir Ernest Gowers ... the grand old boy himself

    Lynne Truss
  • Itself a model of how plain words should be used

  • Rebecca Gowers has been charged with the task of producing a version which is true to the spirit of the original but adapted to the needs of the 21st century. She discharges this task with wit and delicacy

    Stefan Collini, Prospect
  • A small literary jewel

    Evening News
  • Gowers's main precepts are as sensible today as they were when he first presented them ... beneficial, intelligent and sympathetic

    David Crystal
  • Over half a century after Plain Words was first published, its principles are as important as ever: say what you mean in the clearest possible fashion. Rebecca Gowers has done a great job ... superb

    Caroline Taggart
  • One thing that makes Gowers such an engaging figure is that he isn't prissy, priggish or prim. As far as he is concerned, language is a living thing that is constantly changing - and this is just as it should be

    Sunday Telegraph
  • Still the best book on English and how to write it ... Unhappy with versions rewritten by others, Rebecca Gowers, Sir Ernest's great-granddaughter, has produced a new edition ... The result is splendid ... Gowers wrote with wit, humanity and common sense ... [his] central advice should be taped to the screen of anyone sitting down at a computer keyboard

    Michael Skapinker, Financial Times
  • The book has been modernized but preserves all its original charm ... There is arguably a greater need for its circulation among the general public [than ever before]

    Big Issue

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