Every Song Ever

Every Song Ever

Twenty Ways to Listen to Music Now


From one of America's celebrated critics, the definitive field guide to listening to music in the age of the Cloud

The most significant revolution in the recent history of music has to do with listening: it is now possible to listen to nearly anything at any time, to ignore albums, and to instantly flit across genres and generations, from 1980s Detroit techno to 1890s Viennese neo-romanticism. Yet music criticism has historically focused on the musician's intent, not the listener's experience. Every Song Ever is therefore the definitive field guide to listening in an age of glorious, overwhelming abundance. By revealing the essential similarities between wildly different kinds of music, Ben Ratliff shows how we listen to music now, and suggests how we can listen better.


  • Every Song Ever jumps into the grand adventure of losing yourself in music, at a time when the technology boundaries have blown wide open. Ratliff brilliantly makes connections between the arcane and the everyday, pointing to sounds you've never heard - as well as finding new pleasures in music you thought you'd already used up
    Rob Sheffield, author of 'Love Is A Mix Tape' and 'Turn Around Bright Eyes'

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