The Making of the Greek Crisis

The Making of the Greek Crisis

New Revised Edition: 2015


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The financial and social crisis in Greece has deep roots in the country's society and history. In this newly revised edition James Pettifer, the leading Balkan commentator and Oxford University historian brings us up to date with recent events in Greece. He explores the reasons for Greece's current situation, tracing the deep fissures caused by unresolved issues dating back to the Second World War, Greece's often difficult relationships with Turkey and the Balkan neighbours to the north, and its problematic position in the European Union. In 1981, Greece became the tenth member of what was then the European Economic Community, and for a time seemed to be making good progress in democratisation and economic development. Now that achievement is at serious risk.

The author has extensive experience in Greece dating back to the time of the Colonels dictatorship in the early 1970s and its bitter aftermath. The Making of the Greek Crisis sets the scene for the country's intractable financial crisis and associated conflict with the European Union institutions in Brussels, and explains the practical, difficult choices facing the Greek people at this important turning point in their history.

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