• Like its predecessors, Who Dares Wins is a rich mixture of political narrative and social reportage. It is scholarly, accessible, well written, witty and incisive. It fizzes with character and anecdote ... Superb.

    Piers Brendon, The Sunday Times
  • Magisterial ... If anyone wants to know what has been happening to Britain since the 1950s, it is difficult to imagine a more informative, or better-humoured guide ... a Thucydidean coolness, balance and wisdom that is superb.

    AN Wilson, The Times
  • Superb ... Immaculately well-researched, breathtakingly broad and beautifully written. One defies anyone, even a specialist, not to learn something from it ... Sandbrook leaves the reader impatient for the next volume.

    Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph
  • Painstaking, enjoyable, even-handed ... you may feel a nice balance of piquancy and poignancy in having those years brought to life by the historian's magic wand.

    Anthony Quinn, The Observer
  • Dominic Sandbrook's great chronicle of Britain locates the big political narrative always in a wider social context than just by-election swings and Westminster roundabouts ... It all comes flooding back.

    Charles Moore, The Spectator
  • Worth every penny, an enjoyable romp ... It's a great read.

    Paul Donnelley, The Daily Express
  • This is vividly panoramic history, ranging from high affairs of state to the tiniest textural details of everyday life ... His sources are joyously eclectic ... We wait impatiently for the next course of this richly satisfying historical feast.

    Francis Wheen, Literary Review
  • Praise for THE GREAT BRITISH DREAM FACTORY: Delightfully good ... an exuberant and learned celebration of British culture.

    Nick Cohen, The Observer
  • Not only thoroughly entertaining, but crammed with as many serious insights as a shelf-full of academic studies.

    Alwyn W Turner, The Telegraph
  • Relentlessly entertaining.

    Daisy Goodwin, The Sunday Times