• Bhutto writes of an extraordinary place where beauty lives alongside brutality, with superb poise and a kind of defiant lyricism

    The Times
  • Stunning . . . Few debut novels can adequately explore such colossal themes as betrayal and allegiance, or persuasively render fear, doubt and determination

    The National
  • Incredibly ambitious, extremely powerful and moving

    Radio 4
  • Stunningly worded

    Company Magazine
  • Concise, elegant. Bhutto is a gifted and compelling writer, economically and poetically summoning up this beautiful mountainous backwater

    Mail on Sunday
  • Powerful, compelling, moving inexorably to a devastating conclusion

    Sunday Express
  • [Explores] the divisive split between those suffering from the direct consequences of war and a generation of unaware, complacent young Pakistanis

    Evening Standard
  • A first novel of uncommon poise and acuity, The Shadow of the Crescent Moon is set in an old and protracted war for land and dignity. But its swift and suspenseful narrative describes a fiercely contemporary battle in the human heart: between the seductive fantasy of personal freedom and the tenacious claims of family, community and history

    Pankaj Mishra
  • An extraordinary first novel which reads like a politico-religious thriller. Compelling.

    Hector Abads
  • This is (...) a human story, with love as well as ideology - Bhutto blends the two adroitly (and) writes with great poignancy, keeping the emotional pitch high

    Financial Times

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