• Beautifully written and full of love

    Fern Britton
  • A moving and intriguing debut novel

    Fabulous Magazine
  • A lovely, sad and heart-breaking story that hits you on subtle levels provoking big reactions, deep thoughts and emotions. A fantastic debut novel.

  • It has the potential to change your life

    Erin, Erin's Choice
  • The Dead Wife's Handbook is filled with emotion, raw and real, which will no doubt be the tearjerker of the year

    Kevin, I Heart ChickLit
  • So many times I have heard people talk about how a book has changed their life and just thought 'that's ridiculous' but now I truly understand that saying

    Victoria, Victoria Loves Books
  • A real celebration of love, life and the human spirit

    Hadenmaiden, Goodreads
  • One of the most beautiful portrayals of grief I will probably ever read

    Leah, ChickLit Reviews and News
  • A compelling and beautifully written account of . . . the grieving process. An emotional and yet uplifting read

    Karen, My Reading Corner
  • It is certainly an emotional journey, but one that is so adeptly delivered, that makes you feel more alive and grateful for having experienced it

    ChickLit Club