• Like the very best non-fiction, Women in Clothes leaves you convinced that its subject might, in fact, be a way of understanding everything worth trying to understand. More extraordinarily, it also manages, through the cumulative power of all these individuals' words, to do what the best and most honest fiction does: it makes you feel less alone

  • I can't put Women in Clothes down. Like a cross between Edie, Our Bodies Ourselves + The Gentlewoman: ADDICTIVE.

    Miranda July
  • Offers extraordinary, and unusual, insights into our relationship with clothes ... the collection of experiences is broad and unfiltered ... so many voices might have been overwhelming but together they make a surprisingly consistent and companionable chorus

    Jo Ellison, Financial Times
  • If you buy one book about personal style, make it this one. Women in Clothes... is an admirable and earnest attempt to unravel the snarled thread that runs between the way women look and how they feel about it... The cathartic urgency with which the book's contributors write suggests they themselves didn't realize they had so much to say about clothes. Maybe it was just that nobody ever asked

  • From an initial conversation between three girl crush-worthy authors, a book appeared: Women in Clothes is a look at why and how we wear what we wear, in 600+ meticulously and beautifully designed pages of essays and conversation, with every possible permutation of women exploring their personal history through their clothing choices.

    Elisabeth Donnelly, Flavorwire, 25 Must-Read Books
  • Rich with detail, the must-read anthology shows how daily sartorial decisions speak volumes

    Lucky magazine
  • A gloriously eclectic account of fashion choices

    Sunday Telegraph
  • A refreshingly honest and often complex look at how we present ourselves visually to the outside world. And at a time when fashion and feminism frequently appear in the same sentence, it's an important book for women
  • Women in Clothes looks like a novel, reads like a passed note from your best friend...Seeing the breadth of answers in the aggregate is fascinating, and comforting...It's nice to know how many people live as I do: with piles of clothes on the floor but nothing, ever, to wear

  • A thoughtful, droll and often moving tome ... amusing, enlightening and often startlingly honest


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