Fresh Hell

Fresh Hell


'I just loved it. Lethally funny and so clever.' - Jilly Cooper

I ADORED it. It's the most fun I've had with a book in a long time, and I love how she writes - so many dazzling sentences and phrases.' - Marian Keyes

Debt, double-basements, dastardly bankers...and DIVORCE?

'Hell is other people' and journalist Mimi Fleming is fast realizing on her return to Notting Hill that there is no greater hell than the W11 neighbours with whom she shares an exclusive communal garden. Since she's been away, all her friends have become - impossibly - even richer, thinner, and YOUNGER. They're busy not just turning back the clock but also their homes into palatial iceberg houses - with basement swimming pools.

But Mimi's troubles are just beginning. There's the compromising and risky mission she'd undertaking to re-launch her so-called journalism career (plus an embarrassing case of mistaken identity thanks to Google). Then there's her children who will only communicate via WhatsApp . And worst of all, Mimi's fallen for someone, and it's certainly not her husband Ralph.

Ralph and Mimi have already been to Notting Hell and back. But is this the end or the beginning of something new?


  • Laugh out loud...Johnson's easy-breezy comic style [belies] a wicked satirical take-down of the capital's mega-rich and their wobbly value system...perfectly pitched.
    The Times

About the author

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a journalist and broadcaster. Fresh Hell is published in June 2015, her previous books include The Mummy Diaries, Notting Hell, Shire Hell, A Diary of the Lady and Winter Games.
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