The Flying Book

The Flying Book

Everything You've Ever Wondered About Flying on Airlines


Whether you fear, thrill at, or, like many, have never bothered to stop and think about the wonder of commercial flight, The Flying Book will inform, surprise, reassure, and entertain. David Blatner takes readers from the cockpit to the runway, the control tower, the baggage and security systems, the airplane manufacturing plant, and beyond, explaining the many factors that make airline travel possible. There are stops along the way to examine airplane maintenance, pilot training, the effects of weather, safety statistics, tips for staying healthy, oddball aviation inventions such as the air car, and what aerodynamicists have learned from birds and bugs. With a brief history of aviation just to put it all in perspective, as well as minibiographies of some of history's great aviators, The Flying Book is a treasure trove of fascinating aviation facts. A delight for travelers-business, pleasure, or armchair-or any readers who like to indulge their sense of curiosity, The Flying Book captures the spirit, illuminates the science, and reveals the magic of flight.


  • If you're moderately uncomfortable about flying, The Flying Book is likely to be of some reassurance. If you won't step inside the terminals at Heathrow for love nor money, then you need more help than David Blatner can offer. For the rest of us, The Flying Book is funny, contains more information about flying than you'll ever need, and it's a gold mine for one-liner airline stats
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