A Kim Jong-Il Production

A Kim Jong-Il Production

Kidnap. Torture. Murder… Making Movies North Korean-Style


It opens with a double kidnapping . . .

Madame Choi, South Korea's most famous actress, is lured to Hong Kong, drugged and smuggled out on a ship. When her ex-husband, Shin Sang-Ok, Korea's most acclaimed director, goes to look for her, he vanishes too. The pair wake to find themselves in North Korea. There they are imprisoned, tortured and brainwashed.

Then they meet North Korea's murderous head of propaganda and next leader, Kim Jong-Il. He gives them a choice - go back to prison or make movies for him . . .

Kidnap. Torture. Murder . . . Making movies North Korean style.


  • Addictive, profoundly weird

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Paul Fischer

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