The Snow Goose and The Small Miracle

The Snow Goose and The Small Miracle


'Did you run across that queer sort of legend about a wild goose? It was all up and down the beaches. You know how those things spring up. Some of the men I brought back were talking about it. It was supposed to have appeared at intervals the last days between Dunkirk and La Panne. If you saw it, you were eventually saved. That sort of thing.'

'Hmm, a wild goose. I saw a tame one. Dashed strange experience. Tragic in a way, too. And lucky for us. Tell you about it ...'

The Snow Goose is a beautiful tale of a hunchbacked artist, a girl, a wounded bird and a courageous act at Dunkirk. Also included in this volume is The Small Miracle, a contemporary fable inspired by St Francis of Assisi. Both tales are endearing classics of the storyteller's art.


  • An epic story told in a very few words. A beautiful description of extraordinary affection between two people
    Michael Morpurgo

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Paul Gallico

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