• The brevity of this remarkable book belies the amount of work that went into it. One can only marvel at how well Professor Simms has gone through the original sources - the surviving journals, reminiscences and letters of the individual combatants - to produce a coherent and gripping narrative

    Nick Lezard, The Guardian
  • A superb little book that is micro-history at its best

    Paul O’Keeffe, Washington Post
  • Mr. Simms's fluent and meticulously researched narrative provides enough context to engage not only specialists, but also readers unfamiliar with the broader historical focusing upon a particular episode, rather than the bigger picture, Mr. Simms manages to reflect the grim reality of Waterloo better than some more comprehensive surveys

    Stephen Brumwell, The Wall Street Journal
  • [Simms] tells more about realities of boots-on-the-ground combat than any other Waterloo book I have encountered. A five-gun read.

    Joseph C. Goulden, Washington Times