• Masterly, hilarious, truly insightful ... Vladimir Nabokov's views are of compelling interest - paradoxically, because he regularly insisted that his novels sent no message, made no moral case and presented no argument ... His non-fiction stands up astonishingly well.

    Philip Hensher, The Spectator
  • For those of us who are Vladimir Nabokov completists perhaps we finally have closure ... Now we have the full Nabokovian ex cathedra pronouncements in all their typical vim and vigour.

    William Boyd, Times Literary Supplement
  • A rich treat for Nabokov's admirers.

  • The writer's genius for nailing a subject in a sentence lives on in his stinging reviews and defensive interviews.

    Christian Lorentzen, Financial Times
  • A fuller, and maybe truer, image of Nabokov ... The greatest pleasure in reading this book is the impression you get that you're opening your presents underneath the Christmas tree ... A lovely blend of literary elements and of personal details pertaining to Nabokov: you experience intellectual marvel when you detect the premises of a famous quote or a literary pattern, and you feel particular pleasure when you get a glimpse of the man hiding behind the famous writer and becoming suddenly relatable.

    Julie Loison-Charles, Transatlantica
  • He did us all an honour by electing to use, and transform, our language.

    Anthony Burgess
  • Nabokov can move you to laughter in the way that masters can - to laughter that is near to tears.

    The Guardian