• An excellent book on the changing face of power in Britain today... King's peroration is an indictment of our political system for failing to adapt to new realities

    Sunday Times
  • A jaw-dropping read... Who Governs Britain? poses a simple question, with a clear answer: no one does

    Daily Telegraph
  • A timely examination of how the distribution of power has shifted... Anthony King has been sagely assessing British politics from the University of Essex for half a century

  • Power escaped the grasp of the centre long ago. We no longer believe politicians can do what they say... This is the subject of a fine new book by the distinguished political scientist and veteran of BBC election nights, Anthony King

    The Times
  • A comprehensive and compelling guide to how government works in Britain and the sources of its many failings

    Financial Times
  • Fascinating... The abiding lesson of King's intriguing book is that power is all over the place and somehow nowhere in particular