You're So Mummy

You're So Mummy


You're So Mummy is an honest take on 21st-century motherhood that sticks two finger-puppets up at parenting manuals.

This isn't a book mothers can turn to for advice. It's not going to tell you how to make your kid sleep, or how to get them into a good school, or anything useful at all in fact. Instead it's a hilarious look at what's happening inside the minds of once-normal women who now find themselves in charge of small people.

Lifelong best friends Sarah Thompson and Alex Manson-Smith agree that motherhood is the best thing that's happened to either of them, but wanted to read a book that acknowledged what a royal pain in the arse it can be. So that's what they've written.

From not having sex to losing it over food, You're So Mummy covers the real issues confronting today's mothers. For mums who have been around the park too many times, You're So Mummy will make you howl in grateful recognition.


  • A hilarious non-manual book about motherhood
    Angels and Urchins

About the authors

Alex Manson-Smith

Alex Manson-Smith is a journalist and copywriter. She has written lifestyle features for The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Evening Standard and Observer, as well as award-winning commercials for Google, YouTube and Nike.
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Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is the author of Style Council: Inspirational Interiors in Ex-Council Homes, published by Rnadom House in 2015. She's also a journalist and writes for the Daily Telegraph and Prima Baby, as well as for various commercial clients.
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