The dazzling new novel from the author of Apple TV’s Shining Girls


The mind-bending new masterpiece from the multi-award-winning author of Apple TV's smash hit literary adaptation SHINING GIRLS, starring Elizabeth Moss.

'Addictive, fascinating and compelling page-turner' - Guardian

'A high-concept page-turner' - The Herald

'Beukes puts cerebral propositions into breakneck thrillers' - The Spectator


Bridge's maverick scientist mother Jo is dead.

Now she's examining everything Jo left behind.
Which is when she finds her big secret.

Is it a drug?
A gateway to other worlds?
Jo believed so.

Bridge is desperate to see her mother again.
Will do anything, risk anything.
Including search for her in those other realities.

What she doesn't know is that others
are after Jo's secret. And some believe anyone
it touches must be destroyed.

Bridge? She just wants to find her mom ...

Page-turning and ambitious, BRIDGE is a dazzlingly inventive speculative thriller with an unforgettable cast of characters, and the work of a novelist at the height of her powers.


'You can tell Beukes is having an absolute blast putting words on the page. Her fun is evident in the big, bloody action sequences; in the squirmy, almost retro grotesqueness of the dreamworm.' - The New York Times

'An addictive, fascinating and compelling page-turner. With an original take on the many worlds theory.' – Guardian

'Complex, challenging, gripping and thought-provoking. A morally thorny tale without clear-cut heroes or villains. Beukes does a skilful job of balancing desperate but very relatable hope.' - SFX


  • An addictive, fascinating and compelling page-turner. With an original take on the many worlds theory.

About the author

Lauren Beukes

LAUREN BEUKES is the award-winning and internationally bestselling author of The Shining Girls, which has been adapted by AppleTV+ starring Elisabeth Moss, as well as Zoo City, which won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Moxyland, Broken Monsters, and Afterland.
Her novels have been published in twenty-four countries, and she's also a screenwriter, comics writer, journalist, and award-winning documentary maker. She lives in London with two trouble cats and her daughter.
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