• I'll be buying this for any young woman I know starting out on her career ... It is invaluable wisdom

    Sunday Times
  • Seriously useful... Feminist Fight Club is a perfect gift for the friend who just needs a little push to start standing up for herself

  • Funny and fresh ... One of those books that every person, not just every woman, should read

  • Feminist Fight Club is engaging, hilarious and practical - full of simple tools for battling workplace sexism that every woman should have at her disposal. Jessica is a unique voice - and I will proudly proclaim myself a card-carrying member of the FFC

    Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and bestselling author of LEAN IN
  • A classic, f*ck-you feminist battle guide, with unapologetic strategies for how to get down and strength up with female comrades to fight patriarchy on the daily. Every woman should have a Feminist Fight Club

    Ilana Glazer, comedian and co-creator of BROAD CITY
  • This book offers the weapons that women need to win the war on inequality. With mighty wit, Jessica Bennett shows women how to defeat the enemies - and men how to stop being enemies. I was not prepared to laugh out loud so many times while learning so much about a serious topic.

    Adam Grant, bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE
  • Feminist Fight Club is a worthy addition to the library of any young female professional or frustrated middle manager-or male coworker who wants to help

  • Lean In conceived as an illustrated guide for millennials. Feminist Fight Club is as grounded in academic research as Lean In... Ms. Bennett manages to convey a remarkable amount of substance briskly and entertainingly... it has performed a huge service not just to its target audience but to the businesses they will be joining.

    New York Times