• Entertaining and cogently argued... an eloquent argument

    Tony Barber, Financial Times
  • A dazzling perspective on the current EU referendum debate

    Prospect Magazine
  • Like all truly stimulating and original works, this is a book worth reading even if one ultimately disagrees with the author's conclusions, or if the time is not yet ripe for their realisation

    Robert Gerwarth, Irish Times
  • Entertaining

    Dominic Sandbrook, The Times
  • With supreme confidence, Simms distils 1,000 years of history into a simple constant: Britain's role has always been to prevent the domination of the Continent by a single power...Britain, in other words, has always been part of Europe. To deny that fact is to ignore the past.

    Gerard Degroot, The Times
  • In his spirited new book, "Britain's Europe", Brendan Simms, a historian at Cambridge University, argues that the whole notion of an island story is wrong. Britain's history, he says, is above all about continental Europe...Mr Simms makes a powerful case.

    The Economist
  • His book aims to demonstrate that the history of the British isles has never been an isolated one, and that "our island story" has always, in ­reality, been continental.

    Mark Mazower, New Statesman
  • A fascinating, engaging book, which exemplifies how a balanced and mature long-term historical perspective might have informed present-day political policy

    Joad Raymond, BBC History Magazine
  • Wide-ranging and thoughtful... a timely and important study that places Brexit and the difficulties of the EU in an illuminating historical context.

    PD Smith, Guardian

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