The Bear

The Bear


The hilarious and heartwarming tale of a magical friendship between a girl and a polar bear, from beloved author of The Snowman, Raymond Briggs.

One night a great big, white polar bear comes to stay with Tilly. He has black hooked claws and huge yellow teeth; but his white furry coat is warm and soft and Tilly decides he's the cuddliest thing in the whole world.

Tilly soon finds out that a big bear can cause big problems - he takes a LOT of looking after! When she describes the bear's latest antics to her parents they think he's a figment of her imagination - but is he?

A brilliantly clever and funny tale about an unlikely friendship, from beloved children's author Raymond Briggs.

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About the author

Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs was born in London in 1934. He was the author of the hugely successful children's books Father Christmas and The Snowman. These books have been translated into many languages and adapted into films, stage shows and animations. His other books include Fungus the Bogeyman, The Bear, Ug, When the Wind Blows, Ethel & Ernest, a biography of his parents, and his latest, Time for Lights Out, a contemplation on old age, told through words and pictures.
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