• Praise for Liberation Square

  • Far more than an intellectual exercise - it is a gripping story, with heart

    Daily Telegraph, Best Thrillers of the Year
  • (A) richly imagined thriller . . . Tightly plotted, tense and set in a chillingly plausible world

    Sunday Mirror
  • An interesting take on the 'What if we'd lost World War II?' debate. A gripping and well-imagined yarn

  • A tight and compelling thriller

  • A twisting murder mystery combined with a chillingly plausible alternative history of a divided Cold War London. Brilliant

    Mason Cross, Richard and Judy bestselling author of The Samaritan
  • Rubin constructs a tantalising alternative world with 1950s Britain riven apart by its own version of the Berlin Wall - and all because the D-Day landings failed. Against this dystopian nightmare, the author overlays a murder mystery that's sure to appeal to fans of SS-GB, The Man in the High Castle, and Fatherland

    David Young, CWA Dagger-winning author of Stasi Child
  • A gripping murder mystery set in an alternative 1950s Britain. Rubin's London, split between American and Soviet zones after a disastrous World War Two, is vividly realised and his story is elegantly constructed. One not to miss

    William Ryan, author of The Constant Soldier
  • In the great tradition of SS-GB and Fatherland, Rubin's alternative-1950s murder mystery takes an ingenious premise - the Americans and the Soviets have carved up Britain between them after rescuing the country from the Nazis - and makes it come alive through sheer storytelling skill

    Jake Kerridge

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