• I'd rather be a pirate than join the navy

    Steve Jobs
  • Ask forgiveness, not permission! A unique approach...reminds me of the fun we've had with our airlines

    Sir Richard Branson
  • <i>Be More Pirate </i>feels so important as it looks to history to help us grip the future

    Martha Lane Fox CBE, Founder of
  • Be More Pirate is a battle cry for my generation. Step aside, the future belongs to us

    Jamal Edwards
  • Totally compelling

    Ed Miliband, Reasons to be Cheerful podcast
  • A refreshing, entertaining and inspiring perspective on work, leadership and why we do what we do

    Bruce Daisley, VP Twitter
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> makes modern-day heroes of names lost in history. Sam has spotted something: that millennials are natural pirates in spirit, making their own way on the high seas. Put aside the cutlass-and-parrot pirates in the Treasure Island mould. The ones he is thinking of were the model for how to break the system and create radical change

    Evening Standard
  • Sam has created something that is timely and important. It is an idea that's going to explode

    Founder and CEO of It’s Nice That and Anyways
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> as a statement is a controversial call to arms given the prevailing news agenda around corporate leadership, however as you dig into the argument there is a slow-dawning realisation that this way of thinking, this contrarianism, is exactly what we need to course correct 'the corporation'

    Arlo Brady, CEO, Freuds
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> is refreshing, funny, insightful and ... annoying, in a good way. I felt actually challenged and inspired to do more, and be more in life and work. This isn't a book, it's the beginning of a movement

    Author, Digital Darwinism
  • If you're in an industry facing disruption, the challenges are huge and the practical solutions few and far between. <i>Be More Pirate</i> is a dynamic framework for taking charge of the change that's coming your way. Sam has made pirates relevant again

    Creative Director Hearst Publishing and ex-Creative Director at Condé Nast
  • Enlightening - <i>Be More Pirate </i>is a captivating and valuable read for anyone who wants a fresh guide book to navigate uncertain times

    Rachel Botsman, author of WHO CAN YOU TRUST? and co-author of WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> is a brave, original and inspiring concept

    Director and Founder of Bradford Literature Festival
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> is a timely kick up the backside for any organisation that hasn't got to grips with the disruption that faces us all. But it's also an optimistic, practical and purposeful rallying cry that a different way of organising ourselves is possible. Who knew the rogues of the 18th Century were going to be the role models we need for the 21st century

    CEO of the Advertising Agencies Association
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> is a call to our better natures, our more inventive, imaginative selves to rouse up and remake the world. It's time for the rebels in us all to re-emerge

    Founder and CEO of Brilliant Noise
  • A much needed call for more radical intention at the top. <i>Be More Pirate </i>is more useful, memorable and amusing than most leadership material I've seen, and I've pretty much seen the lot

    CEO Wavelength
  • <i>Be More Pirate</i> provides high-octane inspiration in the face of unprecedented disruption. Break open the rum and immerse yourself, because <i>Be More Pirate</i> is a holistic strategy for success in changing times

    Founder & CEO The Marketing Academy